Introducing Downtown Music Works.  We are an artist friendly company.  Our goal is to impact the rock music scene in Birmingham.


Rock Music in Birmingham is underrated.  We have the bands here to make an impact on the entire nation, but we are disconnected and all trying to blaze our own trail in 100 different directions and it's not working.

We intend to change that.  If you will show up to kick ass rock shows, and spread the word, we will have a scene in Birmingham like never before.


It's not just impact we want to make, it's transformation and revolution! 

Check out this upstart.   http://punkcitypages.com   

Focusing on Rock, Punk, and fringe genres. 

This is our element, this is Birmingham's sweet spot.  It's the hidden juciness that only some of us are aware of.  
Soon enough, everyone will be aware, and they will stand and take notice.

They will say that Birmingham is the best rock scene in america. 


How will we accomplish this?  We will give the artists what they need.  An advocate.  Someone who is on their side, and wishes to share their contacts, someone who wishes to see them succeed.   We will continuously organize artist meet & greets with industry professionals and media types, so that you can get to know the people who can really help you progress your career.  We will book shows with great national, regional and local acts.   We just hope that you remember us when you make it big.