We will be hosting a Music Industry co-op in February.  We hope that you'll find the event as an opportunity for networking with other musicians, bands, and music industry insiders.


This co-op is the first in a series of artist & music industy insider co-operatives.  We hope to bring together the very people that need one another to succeeed.

Venue Owners, booking agents, managmenet companies, labels, producers, studios, photographers & videographers, musicians, band members, etc..  You are all invited to this event.

Do you feel that if you just had the opportunity or met the right people, your band would be a success?  These co-op events are just what you need.

For you industry professional, bring your business cards, bring some information about your services.  The artists who will be attending will want to know more about you so they can work with you in the future. We encourage you to bring business cards and examples of your work to help show what you are capable of.

Please RSVP at:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1530674780541385/

See You There!!

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